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About Greenway Parks Texas

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Welcome to Greenway Parks

It advanced from a plot of land previously created in 1927 in the “English house” convention of grouping homes around a progression of private turnpikes. The effortless lanes and vigorously treed parts save a calm climate that gives a false representation of the way that the Dallas North Tollway runs advantageously along the area’s eastern limit. Inwood Village and Lovers Lane, which establish its northern end, give first class shopping and eating alternatives as well


The 2016 populace of Greenway Parks is assessed to be 1,583. That is a difference in +2.4% over the most recent five years. Throughout the following five years, the populace is anticipated to change by +3.1%.

The quantity of family units is 806, a difference in +2.8% over the most recent five years. In the following five years, the quantity of families is anticipated to change +3.4%.

The normal family unit estimate is 1.96.

The middle family pay is $104,688 and, of the whole populace over the age of 16, 25.2% aren’t in the work power. 3.6% of families live underneath the neediness line.

Among those utilized, 9.2% are industrial specialists, 82.7% are office laborers, and 8.1% are involved as administration industry or homestead laborers.

The normal drive time for specialists who live around there is 21.0 minutes. The normal number of vehicles per family unit is 1.7.

47.1% of Greenway Parks homes are withdrawn, single-family houses. The middle proprietor involved home estimation is $712,517

57.8% of the homes are proprietor involved. The normal length of living arrangement among inhabitants in proprietor involved homes is 14.9 years, while the normal tenant has been in a similar home 6.4 years.

The middle year the territory’s lodging units were manufactured is 1964.

Greenway Parks is an upscale neighborhood in north Dallas, Texas, limited by the Dallas North Tollway on the east, Mockingbird Lane on the south, Inwood Road on the west, and University Boulevard on the north. It fringes the city of Highland Park on the southeast and the city of University Park on the east.

Greenway Parks like Bluffview is an area in Dallas, Texas with a populace of 3,660. Greenway Parks is in Dallas County and is a standout amongst the best places to live in Texas. Living in Greenway Parks offers inhabitants a urban feel and most occupants claim their homes. In Greenway Parks there are a great deal of bars, cafés, bistros, and parks. Numerous families live in Greenway Parks and occupants will in general lean liberal. The state funded schools in Greenway Parks are better than expected.

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Get To Know Bluffview Texas Area

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What was at one time a dairy ranch field is home to a portion of Dallas’ most attractive properties. The shaded, winding lanes do, actually, sit on a feign. Home to celebrated names like performer Don Henley and previous U.S. Representative Kay Bailey Hutchison, inhabitants are attracted to the common magnificence of a network shockingly near a bustling air terminal like Love Field.


The 2016 populace of Bluffview is assessed to be 4,617. That is a difference in +11.8% over the most recent five years. Throughout the following five years, the populace is anticipated to change by +8.4%.

The quantity of families is 2,012, a difference in +11.2% over the most recent five years. In the following five years, the quantity of family units is anticipated to change +8.1%.

The normal family unit estimate is 2.29.

The middle family salary is $64,001 and, of the whole populace over the age of 16, 24.1% aren’t in the work power. 15.7% of families live underneath the neediness line.

Among those utilized, 14.7% are hands on laborers, 69.0% are desk specialists, and 16.3% are involved as administration industry or ranch laborers.

The normal drive time for laborers who live here is 22.0 minutes. The normal number of vehicles per family unit is 1.7.

71.3% of Bluffview homes are disconnected, single-family houses. The middle proprietor involved home estimation is $624,068

61.9% of the homes are proprietor involved. The normal length of living arrangement among occupants in proprietor involved homes is 14.3 years, while the normal leaseholder has been in a similar home 6.0 years.

The middle year the territory’s lodging units were assembled is 1964.

Bluffview is an area in Dallas, Texas with a populace of 4,375. Bluffview is in Dallas County and is a standout amongst the best places to live in Texas. Living in Bluffview offers occupants a rural vibe and most inhabitants claim their homes. In Bluffview there are a great deal of bars, eateries, and parks. Numerous families and youthful experts live in Bluffview and occupants will in general have moderate political perspectives.

Bluffview Area is intriguing on the grounds that it is just five miles to downtown Dallas like University Park and has bequest parcels the span of those found in Preston Hollow. The geography and winding roads make the area alluring in a manner that is explicit to Bluffview. Charitable homes are determined to peaks and contemporary engineers love the landscape, springs and gorges as settings for the cutting edge homes they structure. Remodel of more established homes, new homes and extending limits of entirely attractive territories has expanded the enthusiasm for Bluffview or Preston Texas. Our proposals to you will take in thought your particular want for a cutting edge home, a midcentury home or an exquisite customary home sited to exploit the landscape and perspectives. Bluffview neighbors appreciate the beguiling and progressively casual look of the Bluffview neighborhood

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Get To Know Preston Hollow Texas

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Preston Hollow is home to huge numbers of the most extravagant individuals in Dallas — and a specific previous leader of the United States — yet most of its avenues are fixed with unobtrusive farm style homes. Numerous occupants exploit the area’s nearness to the top tuition based schools in the city, just as the plenty of shops found at adjacent Preston-Royal, Preston Center, and NorthPark Center.

Local people Love

Their simple access to the Dallas North Tollway and Northwest Highway to achieve the remainder of Dallas.

So You Know

“Preston Hollow” frequently gets utilized as a term for all of North Dallas south of LBJ Freeway, yet customarily the area’s limits are Midway Road, Northwest Highway, Hillcrest Avenue, and Royal Lane.

Local people Complain

That on Northwest Highway specifically the traffic progressively moves along at a speed very little quicker than that of a parking area.


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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas

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Dallas is the eastern, bigger portion of the Dallas– Fort Worth “Metroplex.” Dallas is the thing that the vast majority consider when they first consider Texas—enormous, occupied with, developing, cosmopolitan, rich, alluring, and self-assured. Many sparkling downtown high rises tower over the dimension fields, while a collection of neighborhoods and rural business focuses spread every which way around the city center. It has far outgrown its expressway and is bolstered by a bug catching network of turnpikes going every which way, a system nearly without think about in different U.S. urban areas. Long drives are normal, because of the extensive populace, development rate, and urban spread, however most don’t drive to the city itself. A quickly creating rail-travel program is adapting, however Dallas is basically as “engine city.” Learn more about Greenway Parks Texas.

Fortification Worth invites guests from around the globe to encounter the incomparable American West and rich expressions and culinary fortunes. There are in excess of 92 attractions in a 10-mile span of downtown. The city offers the No. 1 downtown in America and is found minutes from AT&T Stadium and DFW International Airport. As one guest says, “simple, laid-back, and magnetic in all the correct ways.” For an end of the week, a conference, sports or family gathering, Fort Worth offers encounters to endure forever.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan territory’s 146,000-populace increment a year ago was the a large portion of any metro zone and Maricopa County, Ariz., saw a populace increment of about 74,000 — the a large portion of any district a year ago — as indicated by the U.S. Enumeration Bureau’s July 1, 2017, populace gauges discharged today. The insights give populace evaluations and parts of progress for the country’s 382 metropolitan factual zones, 551 micropolitan measurable territories and 3,142 regions.

Post Operative Guidelines For Breast Augmentation

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Preoperative Guidelines For Breast Augmentation

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breast augmentation dallas

breast augmentation dallas

breast implants dallas

breast implants dallas

Bathe your entire body with CLn body wash the 2 nights prior to surgery and again the morning of surgery. CLn body wash is an anti-bacterial, antiseptic liquid soap. Sleep on clean sheets the night before surgery and wear clean clothes to your surgery.

TED Hose: The Hose we instructed you to buy and wear is for the prevention of deep venous thrombosis (blood clots). Deep venous thrombosis affects mainly the veins in the lower leg and the thigh. This clot may interfere with circulation of the area, and it may break off and travel through the blood stream. This clot can then lodge in the brain, lungs, heart, or other areas, causing severe damage to that organ or even death. Any surgical procedure that will inhibit your activity post operatively there is a risk of blood clots. You will be required to wear your TED Hose during surgery and keep them on for 2 weeks after.

Medications: Take the medications we prescribed according to the instructions on the bottle. You may feel a bit drowsy, so have someone help you. If you need a refill, call the office and give us the number of your drugstore or pharmacy. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for four weeks before and two weeks after your surgery. Tylenol may be used as an alternative to the prescribed pain medication. For more detailed instructions on your prescriptions you may refer to the post-operative medication sheet that you will be receiving upon discharge. Besides the usual prescription medications, we recommend taking Vitamin E soon after surgery. Studies have shown that Vitamin E may help prevent capsular contraction or hard scar tissue around the implants. The usual dose is two capsules (or 200 units) a day.

Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills increase the incidence of blood clots. STOP 2 WEEKS BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY.

Smoking: Smoking or nicotine use (chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, or snuff) can have a severe detrimental effect on wound healing. The nicotine decreases the vital blood supply to the skin and can cause poor healing or even skin death. STOP ALL NICOTINE PRODUCTS 2 MONTHS BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY.

Caffeine: Excessive use of products with caffeine such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks, especially Diet Coke, can have similar effects as nicotine. STOP ALL CAFFEINE PRODUCTS 2 WEEKS BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY.

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Learn more about Postoperative Guidelines For Breast Augmentation

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Postoperative Guidelines For Breast Augmentation

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What to expect:

Bruising. This lasts for two to three weeks.

Feeling of tightness. This subsides over several weeks.

Sensation of numbness of the breasts and nipples, usually temporary Swelling. This will gradually decrease over a period of several months.


Call Dr. Toledo’s office at (214) 363-4444 if you experience:

  • Severe pain which does not respond to medication.
  • Significant swelling, and/or unrelenting pain which occurs more on one side than the other.
  • One breast swollen 10% more than the other one.
  • Deep pain in the legs/calves; which may indicate a blood clot.
  • Shortness of breath or labored breathing can be a sign of blood clots in your lungs. Any problems or questions that we haven’t covered on this instruction sheet.

Activity: You should take it easy the day of your operation and the following two days.

Increase activity slowly as instructed. Try not to lift anything over ten pounds for one week. You can resume non-strenuous activities within three days, but wait three weeks for strenuous sports. Sleep on your back for two weeks to avoid direct constant pressure on your breasts. Because of the pain medications, you may feel light headed and need assistance getting to and from the bathroom the first few days.

Pain: The period of greatest discomfort usually lasts about twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Thereafter, you should have less discomfort and less need for medication. Occasionally, it lasts a bit longer, as different people have different pain tolerances.

Alcohol: Do not drink alcohol for five days after surgery or when taking pain medication.

Driving: You may drive when you feel up to it, starting 48 hours after surgery. Never drive under the influence of pain medication or sedatives.

Diet: Start with liquids the first few hours and then progress to your regular diet as you desire.

Bra: You will be given a bra at your postoperative office appointment. You must wear the bra day and night for four weeks. Forty-eight hours after surgery you may remove the bra to shower or change it. As a general rule, you should refrain from going braless for the first month following surgery.

Bathing: You may shower 48 hours after your surgery. Do not use very hot water. Bathing or swimming may loosen the steri-strips or tape on the incisions.

Sun: Do not sit in the sun at all for one week after surgery. Then you may gradually increase sunbathing. If the incisions are exposed, apply sunscreen for six months.

Sports: Strenuous sports such as tennis, swimming, jogging, aerobics, or bicycling may be resumed after three weeks. Refrain from any activity which significantly raises your body temperature, blood pressure, or heart rate for three weeks after surgery.

Work: Depending on the kind of work you do, you may be able to return to your job as soon as you are comfortable. If your work is fairly sedentary, you may go back to work in three days.

Postoperative visits: One to two days after surgery, you will be seen at our office.

Your breasts will be examined at that time, dressings will be changed, and we then place you in your bra. Subsequent visits: All further office visits will be determined by your progress. Typically, the sutures will be removed 5-6 days after surgery, and your next visit will be 3-4 weeks later.

Massaging: If you received round, smooth implants it will be extremely important for you to massage your breasts. Massaging will help limit the amount of scar tissue formation around the implants and therefore keep your breasts feeling soft. You will begin massaging your breast five or six days after surgery when you return for suture removal. Our nursing staff will teach you the proper way of massaging your breasts. You need to massage your breast at least three times a day, sliding the implant up towards your collarbone. It is imperative that you keep this superior pocket open. Unfortunately, one week after surgery it is still a little painful to massage your breast, but if you wait more than one or two weeks after surgery to do this, that upper pocket will be closed off forever. Pay close attention to our nurses’ instructions because this is the single most important thing you can do to achieve a good result after surgery.

Swelling: Surgery anywhere on the body causes swelling-your breasts are no exception. The swelling is never symmetrical and of course varies with each individual. Typically you will swell approximately 1/2 of a cup size, and it then regresses slowly over several weeks to months. For the first several days you may hear or feel “slushing” sounds-this is just a little serous fluid or blood around the implant that should disappear. If you notice one breast suddenly become sig- nificantly larger than the other and it is tight and painful, this is possibly a hematoma (collection of blood) developing, so call us immediately. This (blood collection) is the reason strenuous exercise should be avoided for 3 weeks, as blood clots can break loose as a result of high blood pressure.

Steri-Strips: Steri-strips or tape, are the single most important factor that reduces scarring. The tape helps to flatten the scar and keeps it from spreading or widening as the internal sutures dissolve. The steri-strips will be placed on your breast incisions after the sutures are removed. Watch how the nurse applies the glue and tape, as you will be doing this once a week for four to six weeks. Depending on your skin oils and physical activities i.e., sweating, bathing, or swimming, your tape may or may not stay on very long. The longer you can have your tape on the incisions without changing the better the scar result. Frequent tape changes can sometimes cause an allergic rash manifested by redness, swelling, and itching. If this happens, stop the tape and glue immediately and call our office. The rash will generally subside on its own, or we may need to prescribe a cortisone ointment. If any of the areas along the incision exhibit irritation, redness, drainage, or open skin, DO NOT APPLY THE TAPE.

You will be more comfortable using the private postoperative waiting room for your initial postoperative visit. Park at the handicap spot in front of the Sherry Lane door. Press the doorbell and we’ll let you in from the inside.


For breast enhancement surgery in Dallas Texas contact Dr George Toledo.

Learn more about the possible problems and complications associated with breast augmentation.

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Possible Problems and Complications With Breast Augmentation

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No surgical procedure is without risk. Most complications associated with breast augmentation, however, are minor. Here are some possible problems:

  • Collection of blood under the breast (hematoma). This can be removed.
  • Temporary crusting which forms on the incision.
  • Loss of sensation in the lower portion of the breast. This is fairly common, but in time, sensation usually returns.
  • Decreased or absence of sensation in one or both nipples. This may or may not return.
  • Extraordinary sensitivity when breast incisions are touched. This occurs occasionally, but disappears with time.

With aesthetic surgery, as with other surgical procedures, this sometimes occurs postoperatively. This is generally attributed to the normal response of the body to surgery and anesthesia.

Breast Asymmetry
No patient is identical from side to side. Small differences exist in all patients. In the occasional patient with a major difference, this can be improved with a secondary procedure.

Capsular Contraction
Scar tissue, which forms internally around the breast implant, can tighten and make the breast round, firm, and possibly painful. Excessive firmness of the breasts can occur soon after surgery or years later. Although the occurrence of symptomatic, capsular contracture is not predictable, it generally occurs in less than 20 percent of patients. The incidence of symptomatic, capsular contraction can be expected to increase over time. Capsular contracture may occur on one breast, both breast or not at all. Treatment for capsular contracture may require surgery, implant replacement, or implant removal. To help avoid this complication, we cannot stress enough the importance of MASSAGING AND VITAMIN E.

Implant Rupture
Breast implants, similar to other medical devices, can fail. Implants can break or leak. When a saline-filled implant deflates, its salt water filling will be absorbed by the body. Rupture can occur as a result of injury, from no apparent cause, or during mammography. It is possible to damage an implant at the time of surgery. Damaged or broken implants cannot be repaired. Ruptured or deflated implants require replacement or removal. Breast implants cannot be expected to last forever. Currently, at this writing, the rupture rate for saline implants is less than 10% for ten years. Depending on the manufacturer of your implants, you may have a warranty. The details of the warranty will be explained to you before the surgery.

  • Potential but unlikely complications Infection
  • Poor healing of skin.
  • Loss of a small area of skin or nipple and areola (necrosis).
  • Persistent pain in the breasts. This occurs rarely, and if it does, it usually disappears with time.
  • Hypertrophy or keloid scarring – if this happens it can be treated with cortisone injections or tape or possibly scar revisions.
  • Complications of a severe nature, which could be life threatening

Deep venous thrombosis (blood clots) affects mainly the veins in the lower leg and the thigh. This clot may interfere with circulation of the area, and it may break off and travel through the blood stream. This clot can then lodge in the brain, lungs, heart, or other area, causing severe damage to that organ or even death. This is the reasons we have you stop hormones, wear TED hose, and walk every 3 hours the night of surgery.

Infection Considerations
There is evidence of an increased incidence of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other antibiotic resistant bacteria in our community. In the past, these resistant bacteria were typically found only in hospitals, but they are now found everywhere.

Frequently people can be a carrier of the bacteria without their knowledge. An infection with this bacteria can cause severe damage to the skin and even death. We are diligent in cleaning and sterilizing our facility and try to limit the exposure of outside bacteria from patients into our surgery center. We therefore have implemented the following hygiene steps to help prevent the contamination of our facility and therefore decrease your post-operative infection risk.

Bathe your entire body with CLn body wash the 2 nights prior to surgery and again the morning of surgery. CLn body wash is an anti-bacterial, antiseptic liquid soap. Sleep on clean sheets the night before surgery and wear clean clothes to your surgery.

For breast augmentation in Dallas Texas contact Dr George Toledo.

Learn more about the preoperative guidelines for breast augmentation.

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Things to do in Dallas Texas

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When individuals hear I raised up in Dallas, Texas, there’s frequently a first moment of amazement. The city is home to certain of the world’s finest arts & traditional societies. And with an inspiring culinary scene and amazingly stylish social life, the city makes for a countless weekend break. Undoubtedly the most significant historical allure in Dallas is the site of JFK’s assassination at the Dealey Plaza and the corresponding Sixth-Floor Museum inside the book reservoir. It’s an imperious site for USA history. Dallas has plenty of tourist activities and things to do. Of course there’s the Sixth Floor Museum, the universities, the dog parks, but this list is meant to be used as a guide for the best things to do in Dallas.

Arts District

In Downtown Dallas, the Arts District is central point to the city’s most prominent museums. The Dallas Museum of Art is all the time free and stocks an extraordinary collection of art from everywhere in the world and spanning centuries. The modern art assortment is especially good. Across the street is the Crow Collection of Asian Art – another free museum – where you can attend yoga or Tai Chi classes in a quiet location, together with the museums’ art collection. Though, perhaps the finest museum in Dallas is the Nasher Sculpture Center, a museum and garden full with works by some of history’s best artists. Look out for their extraordinary exhibitions which are frequently exceptional and remarkable.

Deep Ellum street art
Deep Ellum has been the core of unconventional Dallas for years. It’s always been the spot to be for punks and different club kids. Most of the live music and indie clubs are in Deep Ellum, making it a remarkable place at night, but visit during the day and it’s just as imaginative beautiful and sparkling.

Eat in Bishop Arts

The Bishop Arts area is undoubtedly my preferred place in Dallas – Highland Park TX. It’s a little less crowded, more antiquated and cute than Deep Ellum. Moreover for the handful of independent shops that make the area so distinct, there are also many amazing restaurants and cafés. You can browse for books although appreciating empanadas or other minor tastes at The Wild Detectives. Or go to Oddfellows—a bit of an institution for Bishop Arts and a common get-together point—for their at all times crowded and boozy mealtimes.

Dallas World Aquarium
Not far from the 6th Floor Museum, the Dallas World Aquarium is an animal lover’s heaven! Not only does the Aquarium have aquatic life, but it also has monkeys, birds, reptiles, and so much more! The aquarium is a great activity regardless of your age!

The Joule
The Joule is an extravagance hotel in the downtown Dallas to go, but with its amazing location and attractive design, it’s also become a regional cultural place. Inside the hall of the hotel you’ll find another one of Dallas top coffee shops – Weekend Coffee. Great cocktails, Wi-Fi and worldwide custom make it a cool spot to hang out and to complete work here. There’s also a Taschen library in the ground floor—one of just a few Taschen bookshops around the world.

Sleep overnight at a waterpark
Just on the border of Downtown Dallas, the resort is part of waterpark, part of the business center, and part art gallery. Two towers brand up the shine of the hotel, with an award-winning wellness and gym and several diners (including a 24-hour café with to-go sushi sets). But the actual magnetism in the summertime is the Jade Waters Resort Pool Complex. With a swim-up swimming pool bar, lazy river, extravagance cabanas, a splash zone with two 180-foot slides and a poolside grill and bar, it’s entertaining for everybody. On weekends, they show movies by the pool.

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Things to Do in Highland Park Texas

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Situated north of Downtown and south of University Park Highland Park is recognized for its luxury homes and stunning residential roads. It is an amazing location to take a visit, shop and dine. One of the supreme high-class region in Dallas, Highland Park is the place to live. One of the most attractive features of this high-class location is its stunning parks. Even if you can’t have enough money to live there, you can still have fun the amazing outdoor locations, complete with wander ponds, fountains, tennis courts and walking paths, this classy domiciliary area holds several entertaining hubs such as Lakeside Park, Fairfax Park and Jester Park.

Mockingbird Station

By Just crossways the road from the Highland Hotel is Mockingbird Station, a vivacious mixed use shopping area filled with modern shops, an independent film center and entertaining clubs, casual dining and more. Whether you desire to stop in at Starbucks or relax at one of numerous salons, Mockingbird Station has what you expect. The center is appropriately situated next to a Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station (DART) to help make getting around the Dallas area easier when you are in town.

Southern Methodist University

Situated inside the walking distance of the hotel, SMU is a private university, founded in 1911 by what is now The United Methodist Church and now SMU is the home to almost 11,000 students in both undergraduate and graduate programs. SMU is ranked in the top fourth university of the nation’s universities, the pleasing main campus covers the area on 234 acres near downtown Dallas and deliver unique educational resources such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and The Meadows Museum – one of the largest collections of Spanish art in America.

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Sited on the beautiful SMU campus, the George W. Bush Presidential Library is a most beautiful museum anyone who is interested in US history and politics must see this Museum. Completed in 2013, the fabulous library stocks materials that document George W. Bush’s presidency as well as permanent museum exhibits and an entirely advanced research facility. Study about American history direct as you find things such as the massive collection of handwritten letters from the earlier president, photos, videos and exclusive artifacts.

Highland Park Village

Constructed in 1931 with a Spanish influenced architectural style, this luxury shopping center was known as a National Historic Landmark in 1997 and holds specific of the world’s most high-class brands. A visit to Highland Park Village contains shops such as Chanel, Hermès, Balenciaga, Dior and more. Eat at fashionable bistros and wander along tree-lined paths at one of Dallas’s best shopping locations.

North Park Center
North Park Center made the shopping capability to an entirely new scale. With its 2.5 million square feet of area, the center has conventionally keep abundant architectural awards all over its history. Best Leading shops (including Neiman Marcus, which is headquartered in Dallas University Park) and expensive restaurants are scattered with an inspiring collection of world’s outstanding modern art exhibits, containing pieces by Andy Warhol and Frank Stella. Walk through the its 1.4-acre main garden area complete with monuments, water work features and further as you enjoy one of the America’s biggest and most stunning shopping avenues.

Greenville Avenue
This fashionable area of Dallas is key location to an eclectic range of exceptional shops, restaurants, clubs and theaters. Alienated into Upper Greenville and Lower Greenville, a walk along this area throughout the day time you will have to stop into every shop from funky resale shops to classic branded name stores. At night, eye catching a performance and show’s at the Granada Theater, an entertainment show at one of numerous clubs or just stop in at a few bars and nightclubs throughout the neighborhood.

McKinney Avenue

Important McKinney Avenue goes through the center of Uptown Dallas. This 100-year-old city, mostly explained as fashionable and stylish, offers one of the best excellent restaurants, shops, hotels and bars, even art exhibitions. Hop aboard the area’s street car, called The McKinney Avenue Trolley, and move effortlessly from uptown to downtown as you like this robust and lively part of town.

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Things to do in University Park Texas

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Southern Methodist University’s buildings dominate and are much beautiful then the eastern portion of USA. Most of the rest of this independent suburb express just like a movie-set form of every town, University Park is a big conurbation to Dallas with a population of 24,692. University Park is in Dallas Region and is one of the top places to stay in Texas. Living in University Park offers its occupants an metropolitan feel and most citizens own their homes. In to the University Park there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. A lot of young professionals live in University Park and residents tend to lean liberal.

There are lots of places to visit near University Park Texas.

Katy Trail

In Dallas, lots of railroad tracks that once had divided the downtown central are quickly being altered into the emerging Katy Trail, a linear 3.5-mile-long (5.6 km) long area consist on, landscaped pedestrian, inline skating and bicycle trail system that runs through the most highly developed section of the city. The trail consists of a 12-foot-wide (3.7 m) concrete track for pedestrians and cyclists that runs 3.5 miles (5.6 km) from the American Airlines Center in Victory Park to Mockingbird Station (a DART light rail station) close to Southern Methodist University. Next to the concrete path, a parallel soft recycled-rubber track is built for runners. Katy Trail is the heaven for those love jogging, cycling. Which means Katy Park is best place for everyone regardless of age restriction.

Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza is possibly one of the greatest exciting and essential portions of the city’s downtown historic region. Situated next to both the Sixth Floor Museum and The Old Red Courthouse, the plaza holds monuments that predated the assassination which contain the fountain and a statue honoring to George Bannerman Dealey, a civic leader and publisher for The Dallas Morning News. At the joining point of Houston and North Elm Streets you can locate where an X marks the point where president JFK was shot on Nov. 22, 1963. There’s also the mysterious grassy knoll, where some conspiracy theorists have hypothesized the “real” killers fired their shots from.


Reunion Tower

The best photo op in town is from 470 feet in the air! Suitably attached to Hyatt Regency Dallas, “The Ball” is one of the utmost identifiable landmarks in Dallas. Get a spectacular 360-degree observation of the city from the GeO-Deck, then take a taste at the circling restaurants at Cloud 9 Cafe or Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. Hyatt Regency Dallas visitors receive 20% off Geo-O Deck admission when they show their room key.

Old Red Museum of Dallas

The Dallas County Courthouse, constructed in 1892 of red sandstone with rusticated marble accents, is a cultural administrative building situated at 100 South Houston Street in Dallas, Texas. Also known as the Old Red Courthouse, it converted the Old Red Museum, a native history museum, in 2007. Red Museum converted Cultural History Museum that contains almost 1000 pieces of memorabilia containing items connected to the Kennedy assassination, the first semi-conductor transistor developed by Texas Tools and coverage of the Roe v. Wade case that started in Dallas County. It was designed in the Richardson Ian Romanesque style of architecture by architect Max A. Orlopp, Jr. of the Little Rock, Arkansas based firm Orlopp & Kusener.

Nasher Sculpture Center

An outdoor “roofless” museum located in downtown Dallas with indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces showing more than 300 sculptures in adding to 20th century paintings and drawings that changes in thematic installations. Its collection of modern and modern sculptures contains works by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and Henry Moore, to mention a few. The inside galleries are light and airy but the best thing is the garden. It is gorgeously set aside with sculptures advantageously placed and has great sights of downtown Dallas buildings. Moreover the long-lasting collection and short-term exhibits, the Nasher organizes events like classes, outdoor concerts and film showings in the garden.

Pioneer Plaza

Wandering Pioneer Plaza is enjoyable for people of all ages. You can take the time to hike and play on the larger-than-life sculptures of cattle in the park. If you just wish to have your picture taken by one of the biggest bronze longhorns, then that is encouraged too. Mixed in with the sculptures are a small waterfall and stream that are entertaining to walk around. You can take a walk on the stony path that display case trees and flowers that are inherent to the region. You can also see the sights of the graveyard where former Dallas mayors and Texas Revolution leaders are buried.

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