What are the Best Summer Skin Care Treatments?

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We are often asked by patients “how should I be taking care of my skin?” or “what treatments are best for me?” During the summer, the best skin care treatment is wearing sunscreen. Not only when you are out by the pool or on the tennis court, but during the day too. Patients don’t realize how strong the sun can be even during your normal daily activities. Our Elta MD line is our best product for sunscreen care. We offer a daily facial sunscreen and moisturizer (both tinted and non-tinted). There is an option for more acne prone skin as well. We have a full body UV Elements as well as a UV sport sunscreen. The Elta MD foaming cleanser is also a great way to keep your skin clear, using it twice daily in the morning and before bed.


Chemical peels are also a good skin care treatment for the summertime. Within 48 hours the treated area will begin to flake off and will continue to do so for another 48 hours. The chemical peel will diminish the acne/ blemishes and leave skin brighter and smoother. Patients should be careful in the sun and wear sunscreen after the procedure! The hydration facial is another great summer option. Like the name implies, the procedure is like a facial that exfoliates, cleanses and infuses antioxidants directly into your skin. There is no downtime and you will leave the office feeling refreshed. Contact us today for any of these skin care treatments 214-363-4444.

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I am contemplating surgery but when should I schedule?

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Once the consultation is complete and all questions are answered, the next step is booking your surgery. When deciding to schedule it’s important to make sure you have a friend or family member who can help care for you after the surgery as well as plenty of time to be off of your feet and at home.


Most patients who are having a facelift, neck lift or blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyes) look to schedule in the summer. The summer tends to be quieter and there is plenty of time to recover before social calendars fill up in the fall and before the holidays. Most prospective patients don’t know this but we do all of our surgeries at our office on Sherry Lane. We are a licensed ambulatory surgical center with a full-time nursing staff. Patients undergoing a facelift and/or neck lift would stay the night at our facility with our overnight nurse and see Dr. Toledo the following morning for a check before going home. We would see that patient back for suture removals in 5- 6 days. For the blepharoplasty procedure alone, patients are discharged after surgery. Having the time in the summer for patients to undergo surgery and properly recover allows patients to go into the fall looking refreshed post surgery!


Breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) are often scheduled in the spring – also know as the “mommy makeover” procedures. Kids are back in school, allowing mothers have more flexibility for surgery before swimsuit season in the summer. These procedures are done at our Sherry Lane office as well, similar to the facelift, neck lift and blepharoplasty procedures. Patients are discharged the same day and sent home for recovery. Patients undergoing a breast augmentation are asked to come into the office the next day for a check with Dr. Toledo.


Surgery can be scary but planning accordingly will ensure a smooth procedure and comfortable recovery!

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Why Summer is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surgery?

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From May through August summer is in full swing and the office is buzzing with activity. We are booked up with surgeries as well as the medical spa procedures because summer is the ideal time for treatments! It’s the best time to visit us because you can plan your downtime accordingly – using vacation days at work or planning for when kids are at summer camp. Come football season and school being back in session, patients are completely healed and feeling rejuvenated.

Patients should plan to be at home and off of their feet for one to two weeks after surgery. Of course, this will vary by procedure. For our breast augmentation and reduction surgeries, we see patients back in the office the following day for Dr. Toledo to check on them.  For all other surgeries patients come back to see us after 5-7 days, for a check and to remove any sutures. After the 5-7 day visit, we wouldn’t see a patient back for three to four weeks. It’s important for patients to be at home relaxing and following our postoperative guidelines. This will ensure the best results and the speediest healing for the patient.

The medical spa treatments need little to no downtime at all. With a chemical peel the patient will experience flaking of the skin within 48 hours of the treatment and it will continue for another 48 hours. Similarly, the Micro Laser Peel will need 48 hours for the treated skin to heal, as it will be red and exposed after the treatment. These two procedures don’t require patients to be at home or off their feet, but there may be some mild discomfort. A Hydration Facial is the mildest treatment of all but is the perfect summer medical spa procedure. The procedure is meant to exfoliate, cleanse and infuse antioxidants directly into your skin. There is no downtime; it’s non-invasive and non-irritating. It will keep your skin bright and clear throughout the heat of the summer! Reach out to us today to take advantage of any of our aesthetic offerings.

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The Wedding Regiment: The Final Count Down!!

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The final count down is on!! As expected I am full of emotions – excitement, giddiness, and yes – perhaps a bit of stress. Maintaining my fitness and clean eating regiment has been key in the months leading up to the wedding. For me, exercise is a great outlet to release stress and keeps me feeling energized. This nice Dallas spring weather has made it easier for me to keep up my running. Even on afternoons when I get home from work and am tired, a walk with my dog can make a world of difference. I have been making an effort to maintain my diet of fruits, veggies and lots of protein. My fiancé and I have been working on it together which makes it much easier for me. We have found new, delicious recipes and have been making an effort to cook at least once a week together. I take the leftovers to work for lunch the rest of the week too. It’s a win-win!

A treatment I began doing once a week the month before the wedding has been the Hydration Facial. The procedure is meant to exfoliate, cleanse and infuse antioxidants directly into your skin. It feels like a light suction that leaves your pores clean and open. I leave the treatment with bright and shiny skin. There is no downtime; it’s non-invasive and non-irritating.

Another procedure I also went to see Dr. Toledo about was Botox. I had a nagging forehead frown line that was becoming more pronounced over the past several months after we got engaged. Dr. Toledo assured me that it was not a problem and an easy fix! I went in two months before the wedding for the treatment. It was my first time using Botox and I was nervous but Dr. Toledo made me feel at ease. He did the injection himself, unlike many med spas that have an Esthetician handle Botox. I was very happy with the results! The frown line completely disappeared and since it was such a small injection, I still had plenty of movement to the rest of my face/forehead. No one could even tell I had it done!

After my many months of treatments and beauty regiments, I feel youthful and glowing for my big day! Dr. Toledo and his staff have been nothing but helpful and reassuring. For more information or to schedule directly, call 214-363-4444 or visit www.toledoplasticsurgery.com.

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The Wedding Regiment: 3 Months Out

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During my last consultation with Dr. Toledo, we discussed different treatment options to specifically target the sun damage spots on my chest and dark freckles on my face. BroadBand Light (BBL) was the treatment Dr. Toledo recommended. BBL is a light therapy designed to directly target sun damage, age spots, freckles, redness, small vessels and some acne spots – think of it as an intense pulse light treatment or a supercharged photofacial. I began the BBL treatment on my face and chest with fours months to the wedding because the doctor recommended up to three sessions, a month between each, to ensure maximum results. My BBL treatments take about 30-45 minutes and I have no down time. I do need to wait 48 hours for exercise but I can apply makeup immediately after. I have been wearing Elta daily tinted sunscreen on my face and chest to protect my skin from the sun, especially since Spring is here! I am half way through my treatments and some spots have already begun to slough off. I am excited to see the final product!

Another treatment that is ideal three months before the big day is a Micro Laser Peel. Unlike the chemical peel, the Micro Laser Peel instantly removes the outermost layer of your skin. We use our Sicton Joule laser for these peels. This peel occurs by the laser during the treatment, instead of waiting for the he chemical to take effect 48 hours later. After the treatment, you will need 48 hours after to allow your skin to heal. There may be minimal peeling, although in most cases there isn’t any. The skin will be red and exposed so it is best to keep it moisturized and out of the sun. This type of treatment is deeper than a chemical peel so it should only be done quarterly. This could easily be done two months before the wedding! If you would like to learn more about these quick beauty treatments we offer or any of our cosmetic surgery procedures we provide, contact us today at (214) 363-4444 or email.

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The Wedding Regiment: 5 Months Out

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As a bride myself, I want to look and feel my very best on my big day. Preparing for a wedding can be stressful and time consuming but your skin and wellness routines should not be. I wanted to take a moment to think through the best skin, body and wellness regiments for brides to be as we get closer to the big day.

Clean eating and exercise are of course what come to mind first. I have made it a priority to schedule myself a set time for exercise each day – even if it’s only 20 minutes. I find cardio (running and spin) mixed in with strength training and toning (Pilates and Yoga) are the best combination for me. As for my meals, making my breakfast and lunches before I leave for work helps me to portion control my meals and stay away from unwanted carbs and high calorie snacks. My favorites are granola, yogurt and fruit for breakfast, followed by a healthy green salad with hard-boiled eggs or salmon as the protein source.

For me having a solid skin care regiment was the most important thing. I have acne spots and blemishes on my face that have bothered me for years. When I consulted with Dr. Toledo, he advised me that a chemical peel was the best way to start. Chemical peels are commonly used to reduce wrinkles, acne/ blemishes and pigmentation problems. I did ask if there was any issue doing this procedure with sensitive skin, which I myself have, but the treatment is easily tailored to different skin types. The chemical peel treatment took half an hour and I had no down time. Within 48 hours my skin began to flake and did so for about 48 hours. I can say from experience that my skin has gotten significantly brighter, smoother and the acne/ blemishes have diminished over time. A suitable time to come in for this treatment is once a month or every two months.

A final thing to consider at the five-month mark is any major surgery. This would be an optimal time as there is still a healthy recovery period. I personally have not had surgery but if there are any nagging bulges that you can’t seem to rid from diet and exercise, liposuction could be solution. Similarly, a Rhinoplasty surgery for those who are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose is another option. Being happy and confidence with your appearance is crucial during this time. Contact our Dallas plastic surgery practice by calling (214) 363-4444 or emailing us today.


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Dr. Toledo is a SuperDoc 2015 and again 2016

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Congratulations Dr. Toledo for being named a SuperDoctor 2015 and 2016 in Texas Monthly magazine. Dr. Toledo rates as one of the best, most trusted plastic surgeons in Texas. His patient satisfaction and results rank him as one of the top plastic surgeons not only of Dallas/Fort Worth but also in Texas. 

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Special Financing Offer… CareCredit®

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Being physically and emotionally a good candidate for surgery are the first steps toward a good result. The final step is being financially ready for surgery. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. George Toledo and Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center make paying for your surgery a worry free experience. We will discuss the fees and payment with cash, Visa or Mastercard at your consultation appointment.

Sometimes patients would like to have another tool that allows them to pay over time. For those patients Dr. George Toledo is proud to accept CareCredit®.

CareCredit® is a rotating credit line you use like credit card. It is also accepted at thousands of doctors, dentists and veterinary offices around the US.

Click this link to find out more or apply for CareCredit®.

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Fall is Here

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Fall in Dallas is the best time of year. The Cowboys are back, Big Tex is calling us to the State Fair, homecoming floats are being built and it’s time to get the skinny jeans back on.

Wait, what, skinny jeans!

After a summer of vacations, drinks by the pool and cook outs your skinny jeans might be a bit too “skinny”. So get back on your low-carb diet and shed those extra pounds. But if that “muffin top” won’t budge it might be time to consider liposuction.

Liposuction is the best way to get the bulges off the areas that are resistant to dieting. Typically these areas are your thighs, belly and hips. You know, the areas we hide from husbands and mirrors.

Dr. Toledo can get you back in skinny jean shape after liposuction at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center. Recovery in fall is faster and you will be ready for every event from Halloween to Christmas.

Call us for your consultation. Can’t wait to see you. Esther


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Microdermabrasion VS Chemical Peels

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Many patients are confused on which treatment is right for them.  There are so many options and so much advertising on the newest “skin miracle” but which one is right for you? Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels are two of the most common treatments and are really your best options.

Microdermabrasion can remove dead and flaking skin cells to create an immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance. This unique approach stimulates the production of fresh young skin cells . It is the ultimate advancement in non-surgical, non-invasive skin conditioning. This treatment is usually performed on younger patients who just need to “freshen” up their skin.  Patients in their 20’s love microdermabrasion.  There is no down time after treatment.

Chemical Peels improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers, which exposes the younger, fresher skin that lies beneath.  Chemical Peels are a deeper treatment that actually allow the skin cells to be strengthened.  There is usually visible sloughing of dead skin a few days after the treatment is performed. Patients with facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation are good candidates for this treatment.

So which one is the right treatment for you?


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