Breast Implants in Dallas

Want to get breast implants in Dallas? At the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. George A. Toledo and his professional staff are well-known for providing patients with leading-edge treatments and exceptional surgical results for 30 years. That is just one of the many reasons why so many Dallas breast augmentation patients have trusted him to help them achieve their ideal silhouette. Dr. Toledo takes into account each woman’s individuality, her other features and her cosmetic surgery goals to create a stunning, yet natural-looking, surgical result. Learn more about Dr. Toledo’s unique qualifications for performing breast augmentation surgery and contact his practice to schedule a consultation.

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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast Augmentation Procedures Fee Range
Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants $5,700
Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants $6,700
Breast Augmentation – Remove & Replace Implants $6,000 – $8,000
Breast Augmentation Revision – Remove & Replace with Capsulectomy $7,500 – $10,000

Exact pricing requires a personal consultation. These are fee range estimates only and are subject to change. Actual plastic surgery prices depend on your specific anatomy, operating time involved, surgical technique used, and type of anesthesia.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Toledo

Dr. Toledo received his medical education and training at some of the nation’s most respected institutions, including Duke University Medical Center and MD Anderson in Houston. Throughout his career he has remained committed to providing patients with the latest and safest treatments, and has remained involved in the plastic surgery community as an active member of organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons.

More important than Dr. Toledo’s education and surgical training, however, is his unique approach to care for breast augmentation patients. Dr. Toledo understands the importance of the surgical consultation and takes this time to address patient concerns, understand their motivations for treatment, and evaluate their aesthetic needs. He has built his practice based on the principles of safety, comfort and privacy, and gives all patients the time and attention they deserve while making such an important decision in their life. He is proud to provide this high level of care and excellent surgical results that help his patients improve not only their appliance but their quality of life.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation in Dallas should be at least 18 years of age and in good health. The procedure is ideal for women who are unhappy with the size of their small breasts or asymmetry between the breasts. Prior to surgery, it is important that patients disclose all medical conditions and medications to ensure their safety during and after treatment.

During a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Toledo reviews all of the risks, benefits and procedure details. He will also explain the risks and benefits of both saline and silicone implants to help patients come to the decision that is best for them. Candidates also have the option of choosing the breast implant shape, size, profile, and texture, as well as the location over or under the muscle.

Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants

Modern and Safe: A Closer Look at Today’s Silicone Implants

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Toledo performs breast augmentation surgery at his state-of-the-art surgical facility, Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center, in Dallas, Texas. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes about two hours. During surgery, Dr. Toledo will make an incision either under the armpit, around the areola or under the breast fold. It is through this incision that he places the breast implant. Silicone breast implants are at their full size when they are inserted, while saline breast implants may be filled after they have been placed within the chest. After the breast implants have been properly positioned, Dr. Toledo closes the incisions with sutures and recovery can begin.

After Breast Implants Surgery

Breast augmentation is a comprehensive procedure which requires dedicated recovery time. There are also more options, for patients who want to combine procedures, like a combination lift and breast implants. Breast augmentation patients can return home on the same day of surgery. Dr. Toledo offers patients complete post-operative instructions, including information about bathing, changing bandages, and returning to routine activities. Many breast implants patients can return to work within 3 days, but strenuous exercise and rigorous activity should be avoided until Dr. Toledo clears such activity usually in 3 weeks.

Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Toledo are pleased with the results and their new silhouette, and find that Dr. Toledo and his staff make the entire process, from consultation through recovery, a positive and rewarding experience. Breast implants are a permanent cosmetic treatment that can greatly help patients improve their look and their self esteem.

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Dr. George A. Toledo has more than 30 years of experience performing breast surgery and takes pride in helping so many women achieve their cosmetic goals. If you have been considering breast enhancement surgery, you owe it to yourself to find a surgeon who will look out for your health and safety, and provide you with remarkable surgical results. Contact Dr. Toledo today at 214-363-4444 to learn more about breast augmentation at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center. During your consultation Dr. Toledo can go over all of the breast and body contouring procedures he performs, including breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction in Dallas.

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