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At the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in DFW are of Texas, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. George A. Toledo and his professional staff are well-known for providing patients with leading-edge treatments and exceptional surgical results for 30 years. That is just one of the many reasons why so many Dallas breast augmentation patients have trusted him to help them achieve their ideal silhouette. Dr. Toledo takes into account each woman’s individuality, her other features and her cosmetic surgery goals to create a stunning, yet natural-looking, surgical result. Learn more about Dr. Toledo’s unique qualifications for performing breast augmentation surgery and contact his practice to schedule a consultation.

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Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast Augmentation Procedures- Fee Range
Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants- $5,700
Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants- $6,700
Breast Augmentation – Remove & Replace Implants- $6,000 – $8,000
Breast Augmentation Revision – Remove & Replace with Capsulectomy – $7,500 – $10,000

Exact pricing requires a personal consultation. These are fee range estimates only and are subject to change. Actual plastic surgery prices depend on your specific anatomy, operating time involved, surgical technique used, and type of anesthesia.

Doctor Toledo's Expertise

With more than three decades of surgical experience, and having trained extensively at some of the nation’s most respected medical institutions, it’s no wonder that Dr. Toledo is recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dallas Texas. Dr. Toledo remains dedicated to providing his patients with the most advanced, safest surgical procedures. Dr. Toledo has lectured throughout the United States on body contouring procedures, including tummy tuck surgery, and is respected among his patients and his peers for his ability to create beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dr. Toledo is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Duke University Medical Center
Baylor – University Medical Center at Dallas
University of Texas at Austin


Breast Augmentation Reviews

“Excellent! Most honest doctor & I truly knew that and believed what he was telling me. I was debating on whether to get new impants with my lift, or not. I had old implants that he had removed. After his suggestion and professional opinion, going with just a lift with my natural breast tissue has left me very happy!!!” – RealSelf Reviewer

“I cannot thank Dr. Toledo and his staff enough for their exceptional care during a recent procedure.”

“Excellent Team. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff, excellent Doctor, very serious but has a sense of humor. He understood exactly what I wanted and did a great job.” – RealSelf Reviewer

Dr. Toledo has an average of 4.9 stars from patient reviews on Google, and 4.5 stars from patients on Yelp.
Dr. George Toledo’s Reviews & Ratings

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation in Dallas Texas should be at least 18 years of age and in good health. The procedure is ideal for women who are unhappy with the size of their small breasts or asymmetry between the breasts. Prior to surgery, it is important that patients disclose all medical conditions and medications to ensure their safety during and after treatment. During a comprehensive consultation, Texas board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Toledo reviews all of the risks, benefits and procedure details. He will also explain the risks and benefits of both saline and silicone implants to help patients come to the decision that is best for them. Candidates also have the option of choosing the breast implant shape, size, profile, and texture, as well as the location over or under the muscle.

Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants

Modern and Safe: A Closer Look at Today’s Silicone Implants

Breast Augmentation Guide

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular and widely accepted cosmetic surgeries in recent years. Whether augmentation is done for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes, most women develop a new sense of self-confidence and feel more feminine. Today’s implants are stronger and safer than those used in the past. Typically, the implants are filled with saline (salt water) or silicone gel. They are available in a variety of sizes, and the size used depends on a number of factors, including the woman’s body shape, chest size, and desired breast size. Depending on the amount of breast tissue and body fat, Dr. Toledo will go either over or under the chest muscle. The shape and placement of the implant will be determined on an individual basis. Women are often pleased to learn that implants should not interfere with breastfeeding.

The Preoperative Visit

This visit will be scheduled approximately two weeks before surgery. It will give you an opportunity to ask questions you might not have asked previously. We will review your medical history, give you a preoperative examination and discuss what to expect during surgery. If you are over forty years of age or have a history of heart abnormalities, we will arrange for an electrocardiogram and lab tests. We will also take preoperative photographs, which become a permanent part of your medical record, and remain strictly confidential. Your operative consent will be read and signed, preoperative instructions reviewed, and prescriptions for the medications will be given to you at this visit. Arrangements to facilitate overnight or postoperative care will be made to suit your individual needs. Facility and anesthesia charges are separate from the surgeon’s fee. Payment for the surgery will be due at this time.

What to Expect During Surgery

Breast augmentation is usually performed at the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center on an outpatient basis under general or twilight sleep sedation anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist or anesthetist will be present to make you comfortable and unaware throughout the procedure. Before surgery begins, you will be asked to change into a surgical gown and will be taken into a private operating room.

An intravenous line will be inserted into a vein in your arm. This will make it possible for the anesthesia provider to administer fluids and to deliver the necessary medications to make you comfortable. Monitoring devices will be connected to you to assure your safety. Your chest area will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution, and then covered with surgical drapes. The incisions are typically made in one of three locations: the areola margin, the fold below the breast, or the armpit. The incisions will be closed with small sutures and bandages will be placed over your chest. Your breast augmentation will take about two hours. If performed in conjunction with other procedures, surgery will naturally take longer.

What Happens After Surgery

You will be transferred to a recovery room adjacent to the surgical suite, where you will be continuously monitored as you recuperate from the effects of the surgery and anesthesia. You will be allowed to go home after a recovery period of one to two hours. You should feel fine, although it is not unusual to expect some discomfort, especially if the implants are placed under the muscle. If you are going home, the person taking care of you must stay with you for 24 hours and will be given instructions about your after-care before you leave. For out of town patients, we can arrange for post-operative care in an after care facility. You will not be able to care for yourself the first twenty-four hours following surgery. NOTE: If you live out of town, you must make arrangements to stay within a thirty-minute drive of the center for the first twenty-four hours after surgery.



  • The FDA has recommended an MRI of the breasts at 3 years postop and every 2 years after. You are currently at one of these postoperative time frames.
  • Most silicone gel implant ruptures are silent. In other words, there are no symptoms.
  • MRI is not 100% accurate. Some intact implants will appear ruptured, and some ruptured implants will appear intact. This is not a fault of the radiologist or the MRI, this is the limitation of the technology.
  • Over many years of research, there is no indication that a ruptured implant will cause any disease.
  • If an MRI indicates a ruptured implant but at surgery it is found to be intact, for Allergan implants, the manufacturer’s full warranty still applies. For Mentor implants, they will provide the implant replacement but no financial assistance.
  • You must understand that because of the limits of MRI technology that you may have surgery for an implant that is found to be intact, but you will still have undergone the possible risks and complications of surgery.
  • In most countries outside of the United States, the equivalent of the FDA does not recommend routine follow-up MRI.
  • The cost of the MRI is your responsibility. Your insurance company and the implant manufacturer will not pay for this.

The decision to proceed with a postoperative MRI must be made by you, the patient, based on the above information and the information provided to you prior to surgery in the manufacturer/FDA brochure.


Note: Breast augmentation does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Examination of the breasts is still possible after breast augmentation.

Evaluating Your Breast Augmentation Results

Your breasts will look larger, firmer, and fuller. It takes 3-4 months after surgery for your breasts to obtain their final appearance. At first, they may be somewhat bruised and “boxy” in appearance. This “boxy” look occurs because suture lines are non-elastic right after surgery, and any postoperative swelling goes to the sides of your breasts. Your supportive bra will help shape the breasts as the swelling diminishes and the suture lines begin to relax. After 6-12 months, the scars should have faded and will be less conspicuous.The scar around the areola tends to blend nicely because of its location between the darker areola pigmentation and lighter skin. Each woman’s breasts have unique characteristics. A plastic surgeon can only work with what the patient is given; improvement of the existing breast is the only realistic alternative, perfection is impossible. Women’s breasts are never the same on both sides and no two women have breasts that are exactly the same. These differences and asymmetries will always exist to some degree after surgery. Breast augmentation surgery offers improvement, not perfection.The instructions above are general and some portions may not apply to all patients. Changes in the instructions depend on your medical history, number and type of procedures and type of anesthesia.

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Dr. Toledo has more than 30 years of experience performing breast surgery and takes pride in helping so many women achieve their cosmetic goals. If you have been considering breast enhancement surgery, you owe it to yourself to find a surgeon who will look out for your health and safety, and provide you with remarkable surgical results. Contact Dr. Toledo today at 214-363-4444 to learn more about breast augmentation Dallas at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center. During your consultation Dr. Toledo can go over all of the breast and body contouring procedures he performs, including breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction in Dallas.

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