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Watch Dr. Toledo TV as a guest on Good Morning Texas on WFAA. Click outside the video window to close after viewing.

  1. 01 Dr. Toledo discusses Otoplasty
  2. 02 Toledo discusses Rhinoplasty
  3. 03 Dr. Toledo discusses Tummy Tuck after pregnancy
  4. 04 Dr. Toledo discusses Face and Neck Lifts, Forehead Lift and Eyelid Surgery
  5. 05 Dr. Toledo explains a tummy tuck transformation
  6. 06 Dr. Toledo discusses Men and Cosmetic Surgery Trends
  7. 07 Dr. Toledo discusses Breast Reduction
  8. 08 A Sister's Gift: Dr. Toledo discusses a Tummy Tuck after pregnancy
  9. 09 Dr. Toledo discusses Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants
  10. 10 Dr. Toledo discusses the Before and After of a face lift (segment 1)
  11. 11 Dr. Toledo discusses the Before and After of a face lift (segment 2)
  12. 12 Modern and Safe A Closer Look at Today's Silicone Implants
  13. 13 Check Out this Amazing Mother of the Bride Makeover
  14. 14 Dr. Toledo discusses restoring your looks and confidence
  15. 15 Dr. Toledo on natural-looking lip augmentation
  16. 16 Dr. Toledo on when to do liposuction
  17. 17 Dr Toledo on Breast Augmentation: What if you're not satisfied with the results?
  18. 18 Dr Toledo on Dermal Skin Grafts
  19. 19 Dr. Toledo discusses rhinoplasty

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Communicating with the public is a passion of Dr. Toledo’s. He is a favorite guest of Consumer Magazine and Believers in Business on The Word, KWRD 100.7fm radio in Dallas/Fort Worth. Dr. Toledo is also a special guest on fitness and lifestyle guru Larry North’s Better You Show on KRLD 1080am. Broadcasts featuring Dr. Toledo are some of the highest rated shows on The Word and KRLD.

During these broadcasts Dr. Toledo is able to answer plastic surgery related questions and interview past patients about their surgery and results.

  1. 01 Better You Show Dr. Toledo and Larry North talk on the 7/17/2016 show.…
  2. 02 Better You Show Dr. Toledo and Larry North discuss facelifts, fat transfers and mommy makeovers with callers.…
  3. 03 Better You Show Dr. Toledo discusses labiaplasty, plastic surgery and cosmetic results.…
  4. 04 Belivers in Business Show Dr. Toledo discusses revisions of the "Lifestyle Lift®", Breast Reduction, and Liposuction procedures with patients. He also answers a caller's questions about her nose.…
  5. 05 Belivers in Business Show Dr. Toledo talks with callers about their positive experience with Highland Park Plastic Surgery.…
  6. 06 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Dr. Toledo talks with Christine who had a facelift, brow lift and eyelid surgery only 10 days earlier. Laurie calls in to ask about the safety of silicone breast implants. Elizabeth had a previous breast augmentation with saline implants and a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and now asks if it is time to upgrade her implants to silicone.
  7. 07 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Dr. Toledo and Pete take calls from The Word listeners while discussing the latest in plastic surgery. Bonnie from New Orleans tells us why she traveled to Dallas for her facelift and tummy tuck and how the surgeries changed her life. Reputation is everything. Not all cosmetic providers are board certified plastic surgeons.
  8. 08 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center is a state of the art facility where patients receive individual care. Dr. Toledo received calls from his patient Melissa who had a facelift and Susan who had a tummy tuck and is now worried about her aging face and nose. Diane asks Dr. Toledo about a revision rhinoplasty after she went to an ENT for her cosmetic surgery.
  9. 09 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Why you should research your doctor? Dr. Toledo and Susan discuss her “fabulous” results from her liposuction, brow lift and eyelid surgery. She also explains the way she researched doctors before surgery. She knows only a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the real deal.
  10. 10 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: The show host, Lauren and Dr. Toledo discuss why self-improvement is so important to women. Wendy calls in to tell everyone how Dr. Toledo was able to correct the poor result from plastic surgery she had in Beverly Hills. Her face & neck lift revision surgery with Dr. Toledo was a complete success. Other listeners call in with their experiences and questions.
  11. 11 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: After 10 years on the air, Dr. Toledo still enjoys educating the public about plastic surgery. Misty talks about her face neck lift and eyelid surgery and her quick recovery. She is a plastic surgery registered nurse and compares her results with Dr. Toledo to those of patients she cares for in Dallas/Plano. Laura calls in and tells listeners about a mommy makeover when exercise and diet don’t always get your pre-baby body back. Her breast lift and tummy tuck restored her self esteem.
  12. 12 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Louanne makes Dr. Toledo laugh when she talks about how her “worry crease” is the reason for her forehead lift and lower eyelid surgery. She also talks about her daughter’s otoplasty or ear pinning. Michelle talks about her tight belly after her mommy makeover. Listener Amy asks about rhinoplasty and computer imaging.
  13. 13 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: 50 is the new 30. Baby boomers are having plastic surgery for different reasons than millennials. Boomers want their facial appearance to match the energy they still have. Louise has a facelift, forehead lift and lip augmentation. She came to Dr. Toledo because his ability to do natural appearing facelifts without the operated look.
  14. 14 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Blessings and relationships are very important to Dr. Toledo. Marie had a nose job or, rhinoplasty, 7 years before returning for a breast lift. She says he is the only doctor she will ever use. Dr. Toledo promotes a positive environment for his patients and staff at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center.
  15. 15 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Honesty in medicine is especially important and Dr. Toledo is always forthright and truthful with his patients. Reality TV makes plastic surgery seem obtainable for anyone, but television shows can be unrealistic with patient expectations. Only a board certified plastic surgeon is the best choice for any cosmetic surgery. Satisfied patient Kathy elaborates on her mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast lift). She relied on Dr. Toledo’s staff to make her comfortable throughout her recovery. Kelly asks when is the right time for fillers and Botox or when is surgery the best option.
  16. 16 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Information is power for plastic surgery candidates. Judy went to 5 different doctors for consultations but once she met with Dr. Toledo she knew she was home. Pam calls with a question about the Lifestyle Lift, what is it? Dr. Toledo discusses the marketing of cosmetic surgery and when the time is right to have a facelift.
  17. 17 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: First time caller, Marie asks about her aging, tired looking face. She tried multiple procedures elsewhere and was not happy with her results. Advertising of “no recovery” med spa fixes left her upset with the results. Dr. Toledo comforts her and discusses realistic expectations.
  18. 18 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Community is what we call the atmosphere at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Toledo sets the example so patients are comfortable and confident in him and his staff. 50 is the average age to come in for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Toledo discusses the options from facelifts and fillers to treatments with his aesthetician, Mancy Kirkland. Sheri calls about her face and brow lift rolling back the years. Stephanie asks about her nasal problems and Dr. Toledo reassures her he can help. Debbie talks about her tummy tuck and newfound confidence.
  19. 19 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: One word describes Dr. Toledo, integrity. Kristine had “all the confidence in the world” in Dr. Toledo after her first consultation. She talks about her tummy tuck and breast lift surgery. She tells how Dr. Toledo declined to perform the liposuction she really did not need but wanted. Lisa asks about what can be done about her droopy brow and puffy eyes.
  20. 20 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Dr. Toledo and show host Lauren talk about plastic surgery. Maryann celebrated her 50th birthday with a surgery. She talks about her experience after eyelid surgery and a facelift. Barbara had her mid body lift and breast augmentation after successfully losing 100 lbs., which left her with loose skin hanging off her body. Massive weight loss surgery is becoming more popular.
  21. 21 Consumer Magazine Plastic Surgery Show: Dr. Toledo discusses procedures by age. 30-40 year olds want more breast and body procedures and 50-60 year olds want facial rejuvenation. Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is very popular at any age. Dr. Toledo’s patient Jennifer talks about her experience from consultation to post op. Long time listener, first time caller, Gina asks which surgical procedures are best for her after paying for several unsuccessful spa procedures.