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Postoperative Guidelines For Tummy Tuck Surgery

Posted on February 28, 2019 by

You should expect after tummy tuck surgery:

  • Bruising which diminishes within two to three weeks
  • Tightness in the stomach which subsides over several months
  • Decrease in sensation of the lower abdomen which generally improves over six months
  • Swelling of your waist and hips for two to three months, although this can occasionally last longer. Your clothes will initially fit tighter

Call (214) 363-4444 if you have:

  • Severe pain which doesn’t respond to medication
  • Significant swelling, and/or unrelenting pain which occurs more on one side than the other
  • Redness, warmth, or rash-like formation on the skin
  • Excessive bleeding or drainage in the drain (more than 25cc/hour). Deep pain in the legs/calves; which may indicate a blood clot
  • Shortness of breath or labored breathing can be a sign of blood clots in your lungs
  • Any other problems or questions not answered on this sheet

Preoperative Instructions for Tummy Tuck Surgery

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