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The Wedding Regiment: 3 Months Out

Posted on April 18, 2018 by

During my last consultation with Dr. Toledo, we discussed different treatment options to specifically target the sun damage spots on my chest and dark freckles on my face. BroadBand Light (BBL) was the treatment Dr. Toledo recommended. BBL is a light therapy designed to directly target sun damage, age spots, freckles, redness, small vessels and some acne spots – think of it as an intense pulse light treatment or a supercharged photofacial. I began the BBL treatment on my face and chest with fours months to the wedding because the doctor recommended up to three sessions, a month between each, to ensure maximum results. My BBL treatments take about 30-45 minutes and I have no down time. I do need to wait 48 hours for exercise but I can apply makeup immediately after. I have been wearing Elta daily tinted sunscreen on my face and chest to protect my skin from the sun, especially since Spring is here! I am half way through my treatments and some spots have already begun to slough off. I am excited to see the final product!

Another treatment that is ideal three months before the big day is a Micro Laser Peel. Unlike the chemical peel, the Micro Laser Peel instantly removes the outermost layer of your skin. We use our Sicton Joule laser for these peels. This peel occurs by the laser during the treatment, instead of waiting for the he chemical to take effect 48 hours later. After the treatment, you will need 48 hours after to allow your skin to heal. There may be minimal peeling, although in most cases there isn’t any. The skin will be red and exposed so it is best to keep it moisturized and out of the sun. This type of treatment is deeper than a chemical peel so it should only be done quarterly. This could easily be done two months before the wedding! If you would like to learn more about these quick beauty treatments we offer or any of our cosmetic surgery procedures we provide, contact us today at (214) 363-4444.

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