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What You Will See In the Mirror After Liposuction Surgery

Posted on February 21, 2019 by

You will immediately see the reduction in your fatty bulges, even though it may take four to six months for all the swelling to completely disappear.

Patients with unusually large areas to be treated, or an extreme amount of fat to be removed, may need a second or even a third operation. If this is likely in your case, Dr. Toledo will let you know in advance. Skin which is less than ideal (i.e., saggy or dimpled “cellulite”) will not be improved with liposuction, although the underlying contour can be corrected.

Your incision scar will be red at first, but will become lighter in time. Since the incision is small and is placed as inconspicuously as possible, it is generally not obtrusive.

For most of our patients, the results of liposuction are extremely satisfying.

The instructions above are general and some portions may not apply to all patients. Changes in the instructions depend on your medical history, number and type of procedures and type of anesthesia.

Dr. George A. Toledo is a board certified plastic surgeon who has helped thousands of patients finally look and feel their best through liposuction surgery. If you are considering body sculpting, you owe it to yourself to be treated by a surgeon who will give you the attention you need and the results you desire. Contact Dr. Toledo today at 214-363-4444 to schedule a consultation.

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